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Saturday, November 3, 2012

+++ Celebrating the Golden Larch +++   

On a road trip through Montana last week - magnificent larch forest


'The Golden Larch' by gardenofsimples

Thanks to Fournierpainter for the title inspiration

Fournier Appalachian Plein Air Oil Painting Quebec Canada " The Golden Larch " 10" x 12" - Fournierpainter
Carnation Petal Necklace - Heronandlamb
Black plisse hight waist  skirt  MEDIUM in the stock - jenfashion
Vintage yellow baby deer shoe - BohemianCrhapsody
1887 Cones, Foliage Buds and Seeds of the European Larch Original Antique Engraving to Frame - CabinetOfTreasures
Vintage Telescope with Tripod Nautical Telescopes Brass Spyglass Wood Leather - OceansideCastle
Mustard Baby Blanket  Granny Square  Style Gold Yellow Afghan - AllThingsGranny
Laurel Oak Wood Stud Earrings - Autumn Fall Fashion - Natural Wood Jewelry - Eco-Friendly - LaurelAndLime
Cotton cable hand knitted dress in mustard - Muza
Vintage Sebago Co. SNOWSHOES Cir. 1920 - 1930 - aniandrose
Olive Quartz Earrings, Faceted Moss Green Quartz Gemstone 14k Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Earrings - Elfin - GlitzGlitter
3 yards of vintage silky velvet ribbon in light moss, rayon,1 1/2" wide twilight - TextileArtLace
Handpainted Yarn, Merino Silk 50/50, Fingering Wt, 100 g, Larches in Fall - other colors available - RavenRidgeFiberArts
Business Card Case, Honey Yellow Floral Card Holder, Credit Card, Gift Card, Green, Cream - AppleWhite
10- 4" golden twig pencils- hand-painted - inkkit
Antique Ink Well, Ornate Brass - AttiqueBoutique

~~~ tender beauty all around ~~~ 

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