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Friday, October 9, 2015

Laughing Matters // Laundry Room


So the other day our washing machine stopped in mid-cycle. Luckily, I'm married to a very handy man and he set out to fix it. It took some doing. At that time I decided to vacuum and accidentally made a hole in the wall. No use mentioning that (dent) while the washer is getting fixed, is there?...

Meanwhile, the rinse cycle is back on! and I kid you not, the dryer goes out. Out. I am loathe to speak of it... So I waited a little. Best husband is once again found in the laundry room with tools. He figured it out. : )

I was so relieved about the washing situation, I decided to take some photos in the beautiful sunshine and my camera strap caught the edge of the counter, which propelled the lens to the tile floor. Kurt was just putting away his tools and thinking of a possible photo shoot for our antique shop items. I am Googling Sony 5000 lens troubleshooting info as fast as I can because there may be some (trouble).  #‎whohexedme 

Luckily we have an iPad. I mean, We take a lot of photos.

Kurt happened to see the dent in the wall today and muttered, how did that happen? 
I hollered up the stairs, oh that was me while you were fixing the washer!

We both thought it best that I don't drive anywhere today. : )
It's really pretty funny and I'm thankful that we can laugh about it.

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-Lydia McCauley, StoneHouse Artifacts, c. 2015
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