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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cadel Viva, Anghiari, Arezzo, Italy

Cadel Viva is a farm in Anghiari, Italy that is belongs to our friend Herbert Nagel. It was formerly part of a large estate owned by a Florentine marquis. Herbert has restored the old buildings and built some new ones that fit beautifully into the Tuscan countryside. We have visited him there on several occasions and always enjoy our time there. To find out more about Cadel Viva, visit the website: http://www.cadelviva.com/english/cadelviva.html

The top photo is of Kurt working on Herbert's farm. Upon a closer look you'll see Monkey Pete sitting upon the axe. Monkey Pete lives in Bellingham and is a world-wide traveller.

Herbert's front door has a way of letting in that Tuscan light that we love so much.

The third photo was taken at the English Cemetery in Florence. From left to right: Kurt, Assunta, Herbert, Lydia, and Sister Julia Bolton Holloway (a hermit of The Holy Family who lives in the gatehouse of the cemetery). More about Sister Julia soon...and the delightful Monkey Pete.
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