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Thursday, November 15, 2012

+++  As the days grow darker I find myself drawn to indigo and black.  
Here are some extraordinary indigo and black offerings from extraordinary shopkeepers +++     


'I'll have a Bleu Christmas' by gardenofsimples

indigo to black

rustic bleu
Long Grey Fingerless Gloves, Knitted Autumn Gray Mittens, Commuter Gloves, Light Grey Mist - KnittingWonders
indigo hand dyed vintage tablecloth - enhabiten
Nine Vintage Blue Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments  - Instant Collection - shavingkitsuppplies
Black Druzy Gold Ring - friedasophie
Raku Decorative plate and vessels set. - AuntMagdaCeramics
Venice Photography - Aged Green Balcony in Venice, Italy 8x10 Photograph - Italian Decor - Romance - rebeccaplotnick
Wheel Thrown Serving Bowl - Handmade Blue and White - MissPottery
Blue and Rust Tweed  Wrist warmers / fingerless gloves / arm warmers - LetsBacktrack
Black dress with flower applique and rhinestones, 1950s 1960s, small to medium, party, Christmas - MariaAndLouise
Canadian Rockies Sunrise Photography Print 11x14 Fine Art Northern Lights Lake Winter Mountain Landscape Photography Print. - WildWildernessPhotos
a n t i q u e shaving mirror - Harmonicajane
Winter again 1 - Snowy black and white rustic nursery wall decal winter storm snow and trees winter forest decor first snow wall decoration - mingtaphotography
primitive wooden caddy - sadieolive
Made to order : Indigo "Etoile" Feedsack Tea Towel - White on Navy Indigo & Cochineal Natural Dyed Cotton - knifeinthewater
10pc  c1890 - 1900 Warwick Flow Blue Berry Bowl Set - BoudreauCollection
collage sur carton / avec pages de livres anciens / collage on cardboard / with old book's page - tetedecaboche1965

Indigo is a color named after the blue dye derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria and related species. The color is placed on the electromagnetic spectrum between about 420 and 450 nm in wavelength, placing it between blue and violet
The first recorded use of indigo as a color name in English was in 1289.
India is believed to be the oldest center of indigo dyeing in the Old World. It was a primary supplier of indigo dye, derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria, to Europe as early as the Greco-Roman era. The association of India with indigo is reflected in theGreek word for the 'dye,' which was indikon (ινδικόν). The Romans used the term indicum, which passed into Italian dialect and eventually into English as the word indigo. The country of El Salvador has lately been the biggest producer of indigo.
The same indigo dye is contained in the woad plant, Isatis tinctoria, for a long time the main source of blue dye in Europe. Woad was replaced by true indigo as trade routes opened up, and both are now largely replaced by synthetic dyes. - From Wikipedia

~~~ remember the name WOAD?  ~~~


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